We work with many different types of male models. However,
at the present time we're only looking for guys between the ages of 18-35 for
Photo/Video work. Race and sexual orientation are not important and you don't
need to have any prior experience.

Before we meet with you however, we have to make sure you meet our minimum
. In order to meet these requirements, you must be:

We're only seeking out male models in the Seattle area currently.

18 - 35 YEARS OF AGE
We're going after a very specific look, so it is important that you're in this general age category.

We look for muscular, lean, athletic or toned physiques. This means that you workout/exercise regularly and have well-defined muscles overall (pecs, arms, shoulders, back, legs, etc).
Six-pack abdominals are not required but it's a good asset to have.


To do this sort of work, you need to have a certain sexual energy (meaning, you must be able to communicate with the camera within the context of scenes and themes you'd be working in). Specific experience is not necessary, as we've mentioned, however at the bare minimum, we need you to be easy-going and laid back in order to bring out your best in the videos and pictures. Having established this, we'll then be able to direct you as needed.

As you can imagine, a good face in this industry goes a long way (next to a good body and attitude). Of course, this requirement is subjective. We're listing it so you can be aware that it is an important factor that weighs in on our final decision.

If you feel you meet these requirements, proceed to our online application

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